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Corporate payment solutions from Dipocket

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Disrupted by digital services, the global financial services landscape is rapidly being reshaped. Traditional banking is giving way to more flexible payment solutions that give organisations greater control over their funds, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

What organisations can benefit from these changes?

Organisations from large corporations to SMEs, charities and even banks can now buy Banking as a Service (BaaS), leaving the complex financial and compliance obligations to the provider.

DiPocket provides a fully managed platform giving you control of payments, supported by our comprehensive security, technical and financial checks. DiPocket’s funds disbursement solution includes the provision of customisable payment cards, and is supported by Visa, Mastercard, Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Is DiPocket a bank?

No, DiPocket Group is a European BaaS provider, complementary to and independent from banks. We are licensed to operate in Europe (through Lietuvos Bankas in Lithuania) and are regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). DiPocket is a principal member of both Mastercard and VISA, is a SEPA participant and SWIFT member.

We invest heavily in the licencing and operational capabilities typically handled by banks to provide our customers with simple, safe and effective card issuing and funds disbursement solutions.

How does Banking as a Service work?

Whenever you need to move money, this is achieved quickly and effectively through your BaaS system. At DiPocket, we take care of the whole payment and technology infrastructure, so that your customers make or receive payments through a simple and frictionless system. Payments can be made in near-real time, to different countries, and can be added to a customised payment card even if the recipient has no bank account.

Why might you want a bespoke payment solution?

Disbursing funds can be complex and time consuming. By using a BaaS provider, you can quickly make tailored payments for purposes including:

  • Disbursement of funds – including payroll, grants, and financial support
  • Disbursement and repayment of loans
  • BIN sponsorship
  • Employee benefits
  • Gift cards
  • Cashless events

What applications are there for BaaS?

Customers use bespoke payment solutions for a wide range of purposes, including:

Funds disbursement

A simple and cost-effective way to issue funds for payroll, expense management, gift incentives and more. We supply virtual or physical cards with your own branding, which can be set up to your requirements: for example, limited to specific services, shops or classes of goods.

Loan disbursement

A personalised card issuing and virtual payment solution for lenders to streamline disbursements. You manage loan disbursement and repayment, with full control and usage restrictions to prevent over-spending and defaults.

Employee benefits

Enrich your employee offering through branded physical or virtual cards for gym entry, restaurants, shopping and more. DiPocket offers a streamlined and cost-effective mechanism to reward staff and pay bonuses in a tax-efficient manner.

Customised debit cards

Offer your own branded payment card with Visa, Mastercard, Google Wallet and Apple Pay payment options, fully set up and supported by your BaaS provider.

Our payment card solution gives you complete customisation of your funds disbursement to suit your requirements. You can:

  • Specify the currency and country of use
  • Limit payments to particular shops, services or category codes
  • Give real-time access to funds
  • Raise brand awareness and engagement

All this is delivered quickly and cost-effectively through our turnkey card issuing & funds disbursement solution.

Simplified financial management

‘Banking as a Service’ solutions help you by removing the burden of day-to-day management of funds disbursements. You benefit from:

  • A powerful portal which streamlines all disbursements
  • Detailed reporting
  • Complete visibility in real time
  • The ability to automatically top up cards
  • A fully managed solution without integration
  • APIs for integration with your existing platform

Leading-edge corporate payment solutions from DiPocket

Our team of over 100 people is trusted by organisations across Europe and the UK to deliver state-of-the-art withdrawal and payment solutions that make your life easier.

If you would like to find out more about our white-label funds disbursement solutions, please get in touch.