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Single-load or reloadable gift cards that your customers can give to family and friends, or you can use for product rebates and refunds, compensation for travel delays and client incentives.

DiPocket is the cost-effective, streamlined way to issue gift cards with bespoke designs to raise your brand awareness. Our admin portal gives you full visibility of real-time spend.

Supported Payments

Requirements and Solutions



Keep customers close

You need to keep your customers coming back to your shopping centre or online marketplace

Branded gift cards

Branded physical or virtual gift cards to be spent only in your stores, without the hassle and regulatory risks of proprietary solutions

Focus and control

You want to control where gift cards can be used

Limit use

Limit the outlets and even product ranges where recipients can spend gift cards, with an option for you to gain commission from the shops where they’re used

Universal gift card solution

You need to offer gift cards that can be used anywhere

Use everywhere

Your cards will be accepted by every retailer using Mastercard and Visa, and you will have access to real-time transaction data for cost management


Cartoon Illustration of a Purple Bank Card.

Branded virtual and physical cards

Two Directional Arrows Circling Round.

Turnkey solution

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Hassle free


Di Pocket

Fully managed solution without integration

Di Pocket

APIs for integration with your existing platform

Di Pocket

Instant-issue cards

Di Pocket

Real-time and batch top-ups

Di Pocket

Custom card designs

Di Pocket

Detailed reporting

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