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Cool cashless payment solutions in one app!


All you need to manage your money, in a single app

We combined the best payment products and services you can find in banks and in specialized apps. This includes Mastercard® and VISA® prepaid debit cards, our DiP app, festival payment bands and mobile payments with Google Pay™ and Apple Pay™ – fast and simple ways to pay with your phone!


Enjoy great exchange rates when you travel or send money abroad


Make immediate, free transfers to other DiPocket customers across Europe


Always have access to your money, wherever you are


Stay on top of your spend, don’t spend your money on banking fees

Travelling abroad — why DiPocket?

  • Take advantage of great foreign exchange rates and low fees
  • DiPocket App live notifications keep you informed of how much you have spent. Always know how much money is on your account...
  • ...and receive immediate, free money transfers from family or friends whenever you need it

Living abroad – Why DiPocket?

  • Open an account in the currency of the country you moved to and get a matching Mastercard® or VISA® card
  • Make and receive local payments (no need for a local bank account)
  • Make and receive international bank transfers at discounted fees

Sharing with friends and family — why DiPocket?

  • Sending money to friends and family is faster than sending an SMS ‐ perfect for sharing bills
  • With DiPocket shared accounts ‐ also for teenagers ‐ family and flatmates finances have never been easier
  • Immediate money transfers to other DiPocket customers - no need for banking details


Regulatory supervision

DiPocket is regulated by the Bank of Lithuania (BoL). We regularly report to the BoL on our activity and we must abide by all applicable financial regulation and customer protection laws. In addition, as a Principal Member of Mastercard®, we are subject to Mastercard’s rules of conduct and other operational rules.

Funds safekeeping

As an Authorized E-Money Institution DiPocket is required to hold customer funds with banks, in special segregated accounts. We hold your funds in stable European banks and we do not reinvest them. This means that DiPocket customer funds are protected from any claims against DiPocket

IT security

Our systems are built following the strictest security standards, including the most sophisticated data encryption technology, to protect information travelling from the tips of your fingers to our server farm. Our datacenters are geographically distributed and fully redundant, with 24/7 automated security monitoring. In addition, we regularly undergo external security scans and penetration tests. We never store the details of your payment cards

Back-office security

Our call center and back office operators are trained to recognize the social engineering tricks of those who’d like to learn about or access your account and we make extensive use of technology – including face recognition and geolocation monitoring - to prevent financial fraud and impersonation

How to register?

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