Whistleblowing and/or Ethics Reporting

At DiPocket, we value transparency and integrity in all aspects of our operations. If you have concerns or information related to unethical practices, fraud, or any other misconduct within our organization, we encourage you to use this confidential whistleblower reporting form.

Your input is crucial in upholding our commitment to the highest ethical standards and ensuring a secure and compliant environment. Please provide as much detail as possible to facilitate a thorough investigation. We assure you that your submission will be handled with the utmost confidentiality, and appropriate actions will be taken in line with our policies and legal obligations.

Thank you for your dedication to maintaining the integrity of DiPocket. Together, we contribute to a culture of trust and accountability.

    By default, the report will be send to the Head of Legal & Compliance. In case the original concern or issue is directly related to this role or anyhow this represents a conflict of interests, please use the selector nearby to change the recipient.

    If you choose to leave the email, name, or phone number fields empty, we guarantee complete anonymity and privacy. We do not collect any information that could trace the origin of the report.