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Frequently asked questions

Can I receive bank transfers in the currency different from the currency of my DiPocket account?

You can only receive bank transfers in the currency of your DiPocket account(s). For example, if you have your DiPocket account in EUR, we can only credit the payment which was sent in EUR. If you send the payment in the currency which differs from the currency of your account, such payment will be returned to the sender.

Can I use the DiPocket account as a regular bank account?

DiPocket is much more convenient than a regular bank account. You can register even before leaving your country and give your employer all necessary details to receive your salary. You can open a subaccount, order additional DiPocket Masterсard® cards and make immediate, free transfers between your main account and subaccounts. With DiPocket you can make bank transfers – also international – benefiting from low fees, and if you use the card in a different currency, the exchange commission is only 1% of the amount spent/cash withdrawn (banks charge up to 6% and exchange ATMs often charge even 10% for currency conversion).

Can parents outside the EU make a DiPocket account for their child studying abroad, yet under the age of 18?

DiPocket offers account for teenagers (above 13 and under 18 years old). A kid should register as any other customer and invite a parent/legal representative as an account supervisor. After the invited supervisor accepts such invitation, the teenager will be able to use all DiPocket functionalities. Please bear in mind that the parent has to be a fully registered DiP customer

Do I get a unique IBAN with DiPocket?

We provide unique IBANs for every customer for every currency of customer’s accounts.

How can I activate my card?

To activate your card, please log in to the DiPocket App and tap the Activate Card icon on the notification screen. If you don’t see this icon, please tap the Wallet on the home screen, select the account for which you need to activate the card, choose Plastic, and then tap Activate plastic card. This will activate the QR code scanner, which you should use to read the QR code received with the card. The last step is to use your card in an ATM in any EEA country to activate the chip.

How can I edit my DiPocket profile?

Log in to the DiPocket App and tap your profile picture (or avatar if you have chosen one) to enter My Profile. You can edit your email, phone number, language, mailing address, cardholder name, and selfies. To change your name, last name, or registered address, you will need to upload a new document to confirm the change. If you need to update your identity document or proof of address, please tap the photo of your document to activate camera and upload a new document.

How can I make a bank transfer via the App?

Log into DiPocket App, touch the Send icon and select the Bank Transfer tab at the top of the screen. Please note that you need to setup the payee (which will be saved for future usage) before creating a bank transfer.

How can I order a DiPocket Card?

Your complimentary DiPocket Mastercard® card to your main account will be sent to you automatically to the mailing address you provided during registration as soon as we have confirmed your registration. It usually takes 5-7 business days to receive your card; if you don’t receive it by that time, please contact our Customer Service Team tapping Contact us in the menu of the DiPocket app. Please remember to give us your full name, the phone number, and email address associated with your account.

How can I receive money through a DiPocket account?

You can receive money via regular bank transfer from another bank, just provide the sender with your DiPocket account details. On the home screen, tap Top Up → Bank and use details for the transfer. The details can be easily copied touching the Copy icon next to the relevant account.

How can I send money to my child who studies abroad?

If your child is also a DiPocket customer, you can easily transfer money from your DiPocket account to his/her account in the DiPocket App: press the Send icon on your home screen, choose DiP Transfer at the top of the screen and enter all necessary data. Funds are received instantaneously and free of charge.

How can I send money to my family?

If your family member is also a DiPocket customer, you can easily transfer money from your DiPocket account to his/her account in the DiPocket App: press the Send icon on your home screen, choose DiP Transfer at the top of the screen and enter all necessary data. Funds are received instantaneously and free of charge. You can also make a regular bank transfer from the DiPocket app: press the Send icon on your home screen, choose Bank Transfer at the top of the screen and enter all necessary data. When you make a bank transfer to a new payee you need to enter all their banking data. Thereafter all you have to do for further transfers is select their name in the dropdown list

How do I top up an account?

There are many ways to top-up your DiP accounts:

  • Money transfer from another bank: you can find the details for local or international bank transfers to your DiPocket account per currency by going to Top UP → Bank and use details for the transfer. The details can be easily copied touching the ‘Copy’ icon next to the relevant account.
  • Add a card issued by other bank - for immediate top-ups. On your home screen tap Top Up, choose 3D Party Card, and enter the necessary details of the card you want to add in Add new card. You will also be able to scan the card number tapping the ‘Scan’ icon. Please note that the card must be issued in your name. To top up from card, simply tap Top Up, select a card, enter all necessary details, and confirm.
  • Ask another DiPocket customer to transfer money to you using DiP transfer – free and instantaneously.

How long does it take to receive a bank transfer sent from DiPocket?

The beneficiary will receive the money in the usual timeframes for the particular type of a bank transfer. For a local transfer, it usually takes 1 working day. However, there may be an extra delay up to 2 working days if the transfer involves currency conversion and/or if it is an international transfer of funds.

How much does it cost to use DiPocket?

Your main account and your first sub-account are free of charge, and there is no fee for your DiPocket Mastercard® cards issued for these accounts. You can withdraw money from Bank Pekao S.A. ATMs in Poland with no commission or from other ATMs in the EEA with a low fee of PLN 2.50 / GBP 0.50 / EUR 0.75 / USD 1.00. DiP Transfers and Face-to-Face payments are free of charge. We also have a very low fee (1%) for foreign currency transactions.

I have a problem with a card transaction. What should I do?

Contact our Customer Service Team and describe what happened, including as many details as possible. You can easily contact us via the App tapping Contact us or Request a call at the menu. Please remember to give us your full name, the phone number and email address associated with your account. Once we have checked your transaction, we will contact you via email or phone.

I lost my QR code. How can I activate my card?

If you have lost the letter with your QR code, please contact our Customer Service Team tapping Contact us in the menu of the DiP app. Please remember to give us your full name, phone number associated with your account, and your email address. We will call you during the day time and, after voice verification, you will get a QR code by e-mail. Please note that your email address associated with your DiPocket account must be verified.

I requested a call, but I didn’t receive it. What to do?

We normally call back within 2 minutes. Please check your notifications settings: go to Settings → Apps → DiPocket and enable notifications. Reload the App and request a call again. Please bear in mind that it is not a normal phone call but an in-App live conversation with our Customer Service Team and that you will hear a short sound (as for in-App notifications), not a repeat ring tone as for a phone call.

I try to add my XYZ Bank card to My Wallet but the App won’t let me do it.

Unfortunately, some banks don’t permit the use of their cards to transfer money to another card account. In such cases, the best solution is to make a bank transfer from your XYZ Bank account to your account with DiPocket. On the home screen, tap Top Up → Bank and use details for the transfer. The details can be easily copied touching the ‘Copy’ icon next to the relevant account.

I'm waiting for an incoming bank transfer, when I will receive it?

It depends on the type of transfer: standard domestic bank transfer in Poland will be received next business day, international transfer - up to 2 business days, SEPA transfer – max. next business day and domestic GBP transfer in the UK - up to 3 business days

Is it possible to make SEPA and SWIFT transfers?

Yes, you can make both SEPA and SWIFT transfers with the DiPocket App if you are a fully registered customer.

Is it safe to use DiPocket?

We hold your funds in stable European banks, and we do not reinvest them. Our systems are built following the strictest security standards, including the most sophisticated data encryption technology, to protect your information. DiPocket is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We regularly report to the FCA on our activity, and we must abide by all applicable financial regulations and customer protection laws. In addition, as a Principal Member of Mastercard®, we are subject to Mastercard’s rules of conduct and other operational rules. DiPocket has a PCI DSS certificate and meets the requirements of this security standard.

My App is blocked though I enter the correct login PIN and Secret Answer.

DiPocket App won’t block you unless you enter the wrong Secret Answer or wrong login PIN three times. Please enter the details carefully as the Secret Answer is case-sensitive. To unblock your account, please tap Request a call on the login screen of the DiPocket App. We will call you back shortly and help you.

What documents do I need to complete full registration?

Full registration gives you access to many additional functionalities like: bank transfers, higher limits, use of your card abroad, sharing accounts, or supervised accounts for teenagers. To achieve it, we will ask you to scan a valid photo ID (e.g. passport/ national ID card from both sides and a proof of your address in the EEA, e.g. a household utility bill/ bank account statement dated in the last 3 months/ driving licenсe, except provisional driving licence) via the DiPocket App. If you are not an EEA national, we will ask you additionally to scan your valid EEA residence permit or Visa Type D to prove your legal staying in the EEA. Please note that we need you to scan two different documents: one – to confirm your identity, another one – to confirm your address. We use these documents only to confirm your personal data.

What for do I need to take two selfies?

We use your selfies only for internal security reasons – to identify you visually if you lose your access credential, or your account is compromised. You can change them at any time by editing your profile.

What is the difference between avatar and selfies?

We use selfies only for internal, security purposes. The avatar is your public face, like in social apps. It shows on DiP home page and is displayed, for example to people you send money to or who send you money.

Where can I find the daily limits for my ATM transactions?

You can check all limits for each account in the App: enter Wallet, choose the account, and tap Spend limits to see your available limits within your account / plastic card / virtual card.

Why does PayPal charge my DiPocket Card in PLN regardless of the currency of my purchase?

PayPal selects the currency of your card based on their internal rules and automatically converts the purchase amount to that currency, applying their exchange rates (which can be much more expensive for you than charging your DiPocket card in the transaction currency). You can avoid that and save on currency exchange rates by clicking ‘Other Conversion Options’ on the ‘Review Your Payment’ page and selecting ‘Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice’. For a permanent solution, you can alternatively write to them providing the last two digits of your DiPocket card registered with them and ask to always charge that card in the card currency (which you need to specify; so, for example, if the card is attached to a EUR sub-account, you should tell them to charge it in EUR).






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