Why register your payment band?

By registering your payment band you get additional benefits. You can use a registered band to:

  • make contactless payments for more than PLN 50, providing your pre-defined PIN
  • block your payment band in case you lose it
  • pay with the payment band for 3 years after the end of the festival at any point of sale in Europe that offers Mastercard contactless payments
  • make purchases on-line - the payment band card number and other details can be found after logging into your profile
  • add the payment band card to the Masterpass service
  • save on transactions abroad with a low commission of only 1%
  • top-it up conveniently by adding another card to your profile
  • review transactions
  • change the payment band card PIN and profile access password
  • withdraw the money remaining on the payment band card by bank transfer .

How to top-up my account?

You can register your payment band by visiting opaska.dipocket.org. Registration requires you to provide some basic data, such as your first name and surname, date of birth, e-mail and residential address. Registration is available to festival participants who are 18+ years old. If you have registered your payment band, it can be topped up in many different ways:

  • by payment card, after logging into the Festival app at opaska.dipocket.org,
  • by online bank transfer (from Polish bank accounts only)

Open’er 50+10PLN promotion has ended!

Please be informed, that the promotion 50+10 PLN has ended. All promotional bonuses has been distributed. Thank you and see you at the Festival!

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