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All you need to manage your money, in a single app

We combined the best payment products and services you can find in banks and in specialised apps. This includes Mastercard® and VISA® prepaid debit cards, our DiP app, festival payment bands and mobile payments with Google Wallet™ and Apple Pay™ – fast and simple ways to pay with your phone!


Enjoy great exchange rates when you travel or send money abroad


Make immediate, free transfers to other DiPocket customers across Europe


Always have access to your money, wherever you are


Stay on top of your spend, don’t spend your money on banking fees

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Travelling Abroad?

Why DiPocket?

Take advantage of great foreign exchange rates and low fees DiPocket App live notifications keep you informed of how much you have spent.

Always know how much money is on your account… and receive immediate, free money transfers from family or friends whenever you need it.

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Living Abroad?

Why DiPocket?

Open an account in the currency of the country you moved to and get a matching Mastercard® or VISA® card.

Make and receive local payments (no need for a local bank account).

Make and receive international bank transfers at discounted fees.

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Sharing with friends and family?

Why DiPocket?

Sending money to friends and family is faster than sending an SMS ‐ perfect for sharing bills.

With DiPocket shared accounts ‐ also for teenagers ‐ family and flatmates finances have never been easier.

Immediate money transfers to other DiPocket customers – no need for banking details.

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Regulatory Supervision

DiPocket is regulated by the Bank of Lithuania (Bol} and by the UK’s FCA. We regularly report on our activity to both regulators and we must abide by all applicable financial regulation and customer protection laws.

In addition, as a Principal Member of Mastercard®, we are subject to Mastercard’s rules of conduct and other operational rules.

Funds Safekeeping

As an Authorized E-Money Institution DiPocket is required to hold customer funds with banks, in special segregated accounts.

We hold your funds in stable European banks and we do not reinvest them. This means that DiPocket customer funds are protected from any claims against DiPocket

IT Security

Our systems are built following the strictest security standards, including the most sophisticated data encryption technology, to protect information travelling from the tips of your fingers to our server farm.

Our datacenters are geographically distributed and fully redundant, with 24/7 automated security monitoring. In addition, we regularly undergo external security scans and penetration tests. We never store the details of your payment cards

Back-Office Security

Our call center and back office operators are trained to recognize the social engineering tricks of those who’d like to learn about or access your account.

We make extensive use of technology – including face recognition and geolocation monitoring – to prevent financial fraud and impersonation



Install DiPocket App

Fill in your data

Verify your phone number and e-mail

Set Password

Enjoy all the benefits of the App

Download the DiPocket Mobile App today

Manage all your payments and international money transfers

Red and Black VISA and Mastercard Bank Cards with the DiPocket Logo in Front of an Apple Smartphone with the DiPocket App.
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  • What documents do I need to complete the registration?

    – A photo of a valid ID (ID card/passport/driver’s license)

    – A proof of your address in the EEA

    (If you are not an EEA national, we will ask you additionally to scan your valid EEA residence permit or Visa Type D)

    Please be informed that we don’t accept scanned copies of ID documents.
  • How can I confirm my address?

    We can accept:

    · Utility bill – including water, gas, electricity, broadband, telephone landline, cable TV;

    · Benefits agency letter confirming your rights to benefits ;

    · Current Tenancy Agreement from a local council;

    · Bank account statement showing transactions in the statement period;

    All documents must be dated within the last three-month period

    If you have a document in PDF format, please email it to us. You can easily do this through the app by clicking “Contact Us” in the menu.
  • Why weren’t my selfies accepted?

    Your face must be clearly visible in the selfies, and no other people must be in it. Also, we do not accept selfies taken with no clothes on.
  • Can a child under 18 years old be registered in the app?

    DiPocket offers account for teenagers (above 13 and under 18 years old). A kid should register as any other customer and invite a parent/legal representative as an account supervisor. After the invited supervisor accepts such invitation, the teenager will be able to use all DiPocket functionalities. Please bear in mind that the parent must be a fully registered DiP customer.

Logging in to the app

App services and functionalities

  • How can I edit my DiPocket profile?

    Log in to the DiPocket app, go to the Menu and click on your profile picture (or avatar if you have chosen one) to enter My Profile.

    You can edit your email, phone number, language, mailing address, cardholder name and selfies.

    To change your first name, last name or registered address, you must upload a new document to confirm the changes. If you need to update your ID or address document, tap a photo of the document to activate the camera and upload a new document.
  • How do I change my DiP-registered phone number if the old number is invalid?

    For security reasons, we have to identify you with the camera before we can change your phone number. You need to request a call through the app using your old number and once identified, we can change it.
  • Where can I get my statements?

    Statements are available in the application under Menu – “My Statements”.

    Please note that account statements are only available for the entire calendar month as of the first day of the following month. We do not provide statements for a period of days or part of a month.
  • How do I open a sub-account?

    To open a sub-account, click Wallet and select “Add DiP Sub-Account”. This option will only be available after you have fully registered.
  • I have opened a main account and a subaccount. How do I transfer funds to the subaccount?

    You can transfer funds to your subaccount by going to Wallet – Move my funds. You need to choose destination account, source account and enter the amount (optionally you can add a note).

    If your main account and the subaccount are in the same currency (e.g. PLN), the transfer is immediate and free of charge. If the currencies are different (e.g. if you wish to top up a EUR subaccount from your PLN main account), we will charge 0,5% fee and you will see the currency exchange rate before you confirm the transaction.
  • Where can I find the daily limits for my transactions?

    You can check all limits for each account in the App: enter Wallet, choose the account, and tap View Spend limits to see your available limits within your account / plastic card / virtual card.
  • Where can I find the tariffs and fees tables?

    You can find the tariffs and fees tables in the app in Menu – Legal.
  • How to close the DiP account?

    To close an account, send a request to our Customer Service and provide the phone number, name and email address registered on the app.

    You can easily contact us through the app by selecting “Contact Us” or “Request a Call” from the menu.

Account Top up

  • How do I top up my DiPocket account?

    – You can top up your DiP account with a transfer from another bank: the details for local or international bank transfers to your DiPocket account in each currency can be found by going to Top Up → Bank and selecting the relevant currency.

    You can easily copy the details by clicking on the Copy icon next to the corresponding account.

    One important note: to receive a bank transfer, the sender must enter your cell phone number with the country code in the transfer title, for example: May 2022 Salary, +48555444333, Grocery Refund, 48720721700. The country code may or may not contain ‘+’.

    – Add a card issued by another bank – for an immediate top-up.

    From the Home screen, press “Top Up”, select “3D Party Card” and enter the necessary details of the card you want to add in “Add new card”.

    You will also be able to scan the card number by clicking on the “Scan” icon. Note that the card must be issued in your name.

    To top up your card, simply click “Top Up”, select the card, enter the necessary details and confirm.

    – Ask another DiPocket customer to transfer money to you with a “DiP transfer” – free and instant.
  • I am trying to add my XYZ bank card to My Wallet, but the app won’t let me do that.

    Unfortunately, some banks do not allow you to use your cards to transfer money to another card account. In such cases, the best solution is to bank transfer from your XYZ Bank account to your DiPocket account.

Bank transfers

  • Why haven’t I received a bank transfer?

    First of all, please make sure that the phone number was specified in the transfer note (with the country code, without spaces between the numbers, with a space before and after the phone number).

    Bank transfers that do not contain a phone number in the transfer note will be automatically returned to the sender within 1-2 working days.

    Also, please note that local transfers in PLN are credited within 1 working day, SEPA transfers within 2 working days, and Swift within 2-3 working days.
  • Where can I find my IBAN?

    Your IBAN can be found in Top up –> Bank (the button is in the bottom left corner on the home screen of DiP App).

    If you have a subaccount in a currency other than your main account’s currency (e.g. in EUR), you will also find there the IBAN dedicated to each such subaccount. Important – please make sure to transfer funds in the same currency as the IBAN of the DiPocket account (or subaccount) you are transferring funds to – e.g. if you send a EUR transfer to a PLN account, the funds will be returned to the sender and likely a charge will be applied by the banks involved (we do not control such charges).
  • Can I receive/send express transfers to/from my DiPocket account?

    Unfortunately, we do not support express transfers service and such transfers are credited as usual transfers.
  • Do I get a unique IBAN with DiPocket?

    Currently we do not offer individual account numbers to our users. To receive a bank transfer, please use the IBAN which you can find in the App, by tapping Top Up -> Bank.

    Please note that there is a different IBAN for each currency, so if you have a subaccount(s) in currencies other than the Main Account currency, you will also find appropriate IBAN there.

    One important note: for you to receive a bank transfer to DiPocket account, the sender must enter your mobile number with a country code into the transfer title, e.g.: Salary for May, 2022, +48555444333, Return for groceries, 48720721700. The country code may or may not contain ‘+’.
  • How can I make a bank transfer via the App?

    Log into DiPocket App, touch the Send icon and select the Bank Transfer tab at the top of the screen.

    Please note that you need to setup the payee (which will be saved for future usage) before creating a bank transfer.
  • How can I receive money via regular bank transfer to DiPocket account?

    You can receive money via regular transfers from another bank, just provide the sender with DiPocket account details and ask the sender to add your mobile number with a country code into the transfer title, as your individual identifier, e.g.: Salary for May, 2022, +48555444333, Return for groceries, 48720721700.

    The country code may or may not contain ‘+’.

    To find your account number, on the home screen tap Top Up → Bank. The details can be easily copied touching the Copy icon next to the relevant account.
  • Can I receive bank transfers in the currency different from the currency of my DiPocket account?

    Yes, but you need to remember that such transfer will be converted to the account currency by our partner bank and in addition the bank will charge an exchange commission that we do not control.

    We recommend sending transfers in DiPocket account currency.
  • How long does it take to receive a bank transfer sent from DiPocket?

    The beneficiary will receive the money in the usual timeframes for the particular type of a bank transfer.

    For a local transfer, it usually takes 1 working day.

    However, there may be an extra delay up to 2 working days if the transfer involves currency conversion and/or if it is an international transfer of funds.
  • Is it possible to make SEPA and SWIFT transfers?

    Yes, you can make both SEPA and SWIFT transfers with the DiPocket App if you are a fully registered customer.


  • How can I order a DiPocket Card?

    You can order your card as soon as we have confirmed your registration. After logging in to DiP app you will see ‘Order a card’ tile on the home screen. It usually takes 5-7 business days to prepare and receive your card.
  • What to do if I haven’t received a plastic card?

    If you haven’t received a card within 10 business days, please contact our Customer Service Team by sending us a message to [email protected] Please remember to give us your full name, the phone number, and email address associated with your account.
  • How can I activate my card?

    To activate your card, please log in to the DiPocket App and tap the Activate Card icon on the notification screen.

    If you don’t see this icon, please tap the Wallet on the home screen, select the account for which you need to activate the card, choose Plastic, and then tap Activate plastic card.

    This will activate the QR code scanner, which you should use to read the QR code received with the card.

    The last step is to use your card in an ATM in any EEA country to activate the chip.
  • I lost my QR code. How can I activate my card?

    If you have lost the letter with your QR code, please contact our Customer Service Team tapping Contact us in the menu of the DiP app.
  • What to do if my plastic card is about to expire?

    Unfortunately, an automatic reissue of the card is not yet provided.

    You can order a replacement card via the DiP app for free any time, but you will have to block your current card.

    Please check your mailing address in ‘My Profile’ before you order a new card.

    Then go to Wallet, choose the account, tap ‘Plastic ‘, and then cancel the card and order a new one. Usually, delivery takes 10 days.
  • How many cards can I order? Why can’t I create a card?

    We have a limit of 10 cards (both virtual and plastic) you can order/issue within 30 days.
    You can reissue cards, but we do not offer single-use virtual cards in our app.
  • How to change a card PIN?

    You can change your card PIN in the app in Wallet – choose the account to which the card is linked – Plastic/Virtual – ‘Change card PIN’.
  • What if my card was lost or stolen/taken by the ATM?

    In this case, you must immediately cancel your card in the app. For this, go to Wallet – choose the account to which the card is linked – Plastic – Cancel card. You can also contact us at one of the following numbers: +48 22 209 2555 or +370 520 84858 and we will help you to cancel the card.

Card Payments

  • I have a problem with a card transaction. What should I do?

    Contact our Customer Service Team and describe what happened, including as many details as possible. You can easily contact us via the App tapping Contact us or “Request a call” at the menu.
  • Why can’t I make a transaction to another financial institution?

    Such type of fund movements may be associated with money laundering and/or card fraud and we, as many other financial institutions, set up our authorization rules to decline them.

    Cards are intended to make purchases or withdraw cash. Without going into too much detail, the effect of using cards to top up another card or to send money to another financial institution through a merchant transaction is that the link between source and destination of funds is lost.
  • Today I received a refund to my account, but I cannot use the funds. Why?

    On the day of refund, the amount is immediately available for use only on the card on which the refund was received.

    Due to the technical settings of the system, it is possible to send the refunded amount by bank transfer or DiP transfer, transfer to another sub-account or withdraw from an ATM only the next day (after 2 am).

Get In Touch

Please click on the relevant button or alternatively please call +48 22 209 2555 or +370 520 84858 to speak to a member of the team if your requirement is more urgent.

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