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Spend and earn with Apple Pay Promotion Regulation

1. Promotion Organizer

1.1. The "Spend and Earn with Apple Pay" Promotion, hereinafter referred to as "Promotion" is organized by DiPocket Limited, Suite 532, Metal Box Factory, 30 Great Guildford Street, London, SE1 0HS, United Kingdom, Company no.: 9403742, hereinafter referred to as "DiPocket" or "Organizer".

2. Explanation of terms

2.1. Card - DiPocket Mastercard prepaid debit card, in the form of a plastic or virtual card, issued by DiPocket under the Mastercard license

2.2. Wallet application - an application installed on Apple mobile devices, enabling Apple Pay transactions

2.3. Apple Pay transactions - transactions made through Apple Devices with the Wallet application (iPhone 6 or higher, iPad 5th generation or higher, Apple Watch, Mac models with Touch ID and Mac models introduced in 2012 or later with an Apple Pay-enabled iPhone or Apple Watch.

3. Promotion term

3.1. The promotion shall run from 03.03.2020 until 03.05.2020 inclusive.

4. Participation in the Promotion

4.1. Participation in the Promotion is reserved to DiPocket customers who are natural persons, hereinafter referred to as Promotion Participants, who during the duration of the Promotion term specified above meet all of the following conditions:

4.1.1. Have one or more Cards issued by DiPocket denominated in PLN;

4.1.2. Have one or more Apple Devices with the Wallet application installed;

4.1.3. Have the current version of mobile application installed on their Apple Device, excluding Apple Watch.

4.2. By joining the Promotion, the Promotion Participant declares that he/she has read and accepted the content of the provisions of the Promotion Regulations 'Spend and Earn with Apple Pay'.

5. Promotion rules

5.1. Promotion Participants who, during the Promotion term perform at least 3 Apple Pay transactions (excluding transactions that are declined or reversed or refunded) within 3 consecutive weeks, each for a minimum amount of PLN 30, will receive a single bonus of PLN 30.

5.2. The bonus for completed Apple Pay transactions will be transferred to the Promotion Participant's account in the DiPocket Application within 30 days from the date of the last qualifying Apple Pay transaction.

5.3. The bonus referred to above is subject to exemption from personal income tax pursuant to art. 21 paragraph 1 point 68 of the Act of 26 July 1991 on Polish personal income tax (Journal of Laws 2016, item 2032, as amended). For customers who are tax resident in other jurisdictions, the tax treatment of any bonus paid will be subject to applicable tax law and it is the recipient’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with their tax obligations.

6. Complaints

6.1. Complaints related to participation in the Promotion, may be submitted as specified in the "DiPocket Complaints Policy", which can be found on https://dipocket.org/doc/complaints.

6.2. Complaints submitted via e-mail to [email protected] or in by mail to the address of DiPocket's headquarters should be submitted with the reference: "Spend and Earn with Apple Pay".

6.3. The Organizer's decision on the complaint in question does not exclude or limit the rights of the Promotion Participant to pursue their claims on the basis of generally applicable law, including bringing an action before a common court.

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