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The idea to create DiPocket came naturally, from my own life experience. As a person living across 4 countries, I had to deal with payments in different currencies and several bank accounts. I had to constantly worry of converting currencies and moving funds between accounts, to ensure that at any point in time I had enough funds on the right account in the right currency. This of course not only took time but was also expensive due to banking fees and charges.

I discussed a first rough concept for an international, mobile based current account solution with Pavel, my colleague and friend from Ukraine. We concluded that we were onto something of much broader relevance than I originally thought, and that everyone’s daily life could be improved a bit with a service to manage all payments and currencies via a single App, that should also be safe and affordable.

Fedele Di Maggio
(CEO, concept incubator)

Having worked in technology for many years, I am always keen on using IT to enable innovation rather than just automating old processes. Banking is a particularly fascinating area to put IT to good use as I always disliked the tedious procedures to open accounts, to transfer money, not to mention queues, high commissions and the general feeling of being overcharged. When Fedele shared his idea with me, I was immediately inspired to bring it to life. We quickly came to an agreement on the business model, and I took on the technology part.

With DiPocket I could translate my own vision into reality – and develop an honest and transparent payment system, enabling clients to use mobile banking services with the maximum convenience and lowest fees.

Pavel Pokhylchenko
(CTO, solution developer)

We decided to leave our long standing careers in finance to create our "European current account". It was a challenge to start without the backing of a large institution, but we quickly found an ideal software development partner and we went for it together. It was a bit of a deja-vu as with the same core team, just about 10 years earlier, we built a bank in Ukraine – with the sponsorship of a leading European banking group.

Today DiPocket team comprises 20 full-time and 10 outsourced professionals, committing their joint efforts to ensure that your daily payments are seamless and convenient, while you retain full visibility of how you spend your budget via a single, friendly App.

There are many plans and ideas ahead – more functionalities, currencies, countries. While safety, transparency and low cost remain our mantra.

Some of the companies we worked with:

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